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Quality Policy by Ali's Master Constructions

We have our own procedures and systems for all matters connected to the execution of projects. Our General Manager stationed at Kozhikode is involved in the day-to-day matters of our on going projects.

1. Co-ordintation

Our G.M co-ordinates with all sites and necessary follow up actions are implemented in the proper schedule of activities and procurement and transfer of materials etc., on time.

2. Planning & Monitoring

We use the latest IT solutions for the project management in our Head Office & work sites. We appoint Project manager/engineer to lead the site management team to program, monitor & control the construction activities as per the clients’ requirements.

3. Quality Control

We assure the quality of work and materials by regular site visits and proper material testing in site lab. In our site Material Testing Lab, we do the compression testing of concrete, bricks etc, Grading and sieve analyzing of aggregates, Bulkage of sand, silt content of sand & Test for water content in aggregates etc.

4. Material Management

Material procurement is done by site management team in co-ordination with HO and quality is ensured through inspection at various levels. We appoint a store keeper in all sites to check, store & maintain records of materials supplied to the site. Physical inventory is taken at project site on monthly basis and compared with the production. Asset inventory is taken every year.

5. Equipment

We have the capacity for supplying all equipment and machinery that can be employed in any site as per the requirement and planning.

6. Site Management

In all our sites we appoint qualified professionals as Project Managers, Project Engineers, Quality Controllers, Supervisors, Accountants, Store Keepers etc.

7. Labour License

On award of work, we take labour license from labour department as per the rules & regulations.

8. Insurance

All Our major projects are insured under contractors all risk policy / WC policy which covers, all risk to items completed and under process for the contract period.

9. Safety

We take all necessary steps, such as issue of helmet to workmen. Barricading where ever required & frequent checking of plant and machineries, as safety measures.

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